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Sanhit Silver is a leading manufacturer of silver foils/varakh with customers spread all across the country. We supply silver foil / Varakh to a variety of industries including tobacco, ayurvedic medicines, furniture, apparel, sweets, mouth fresheners, food and beverage and more.

Silver foil or Varakh is manufactured at Sanhit in clean and hygienic environment with latest manufacturing equipment and techniques. As compared to ordinary silver foil / Varakh, Sanhit Varakh has the following distinctive features:
  100% Pure Vegetarian
  Contamination free
  Uses high quality raw materials
  Excellent lustrous finish
  High quality
  Uniformity in size/shape
  Manufactured in clean environment with latest manufacturing techniques
At Sanhit, Varakh is manufactured by using processes that produces 100% purely VEGETARIAN Varakh or silver foil as per international standards. The processes adopted at Sanhit to manufacture Silver Foil or Varakh is capable of producing high quality vegetarian Varakh without any contamination.

Using the latest machinery and equipment, our skilled and trained manpower has the capability to produce high quality silver foil cost effectively. Production of high consistent quality and contamination free silver foil is our foremost concern. Our quality control team conducts stringent quality tests at every critical stage of the manufacturing process from purchase of raw material till the product is dispatched to our customers.