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The total duration of the course will be 472 hours .The course will be organized in different batches for the Fresh engineers, working professionals,& Summer/Winter trainees. We will also provide the on demand training programme to those technical staff whose company desirous of meeting training needs of their employees. The course duration is four hours each (0930hrs - 1330hrs& 1330hrs -1730hrs) for two batches & total 8 hours at the centre for five days & remaining two days are for the working professionals. The course has been structured as follows:

  Module 1  
      Degree/Diploma/ITI/B.Sc. /M.sc. students.
  Module 2  
      For Working Professionals
  Module 3  
      For Working Professionals.
  Module 4  
      Power Management Training on Woodward-2.
  Module 5  
      Industrial Training.
  Module 6  
      Study of Electrical Circuit Diagram &Panel Designing